Charlotte Colbert is a Franco-British moving image and multi-media artist. Language, psychoanalysis, socio-political constructions of gender and identity are at the heart of her practice.

Mixing film, photography, ceramic and sculpture, Colbert’s work questions narrative and stories, weaving mise en scene, a documentarian approach to characters and people, with a highly surreal sense of fantasy and imagination. Fiction as away to approach truth and intimacy - like dreams or feelings. 


She has been described as a surrealist maker of “breathing sculptures”. Her anthropomorphic, moving image, TV screen sculptures are an innovative mixed media format. They have been described as “contemporary mobiles” by AnotherMagazine, “cyborgian post-apolyptic and tender [...] with a soothing sense of a familial and palpable human presence”, “fascinating, hypnotic and intimate”.


Her practice plays with the inversion and subversion of the inside and the outside. Bodily functions, organs, screens and technology.  Putting them in dialogue, questioning the way they affect each other, morph into one another, harm, complement, evolve and regress. Intimacy, softness, sensuouness clash with metal, weight and coldness. 


Her 170kg, 11 screen, 21st century reinterpretation of Lucian Freud’s famous Benefit Supervisor Sleeping painting of Sue Tilley was said to invert the male gaze, “reframing Sue Tilley, the subject of Freud’s Benefit Supervisor series, from objectified to objectifier”. “I like the idea of turning the tables and subverting the male gaze. Sue is now looking at us” says Colbert about it in Art Daily. 

In addition to her solo shows, and large-scale public displays, her work has been shown at major international fairs such as Hong Kong Basel, Istanbul Art Fair, Miami and Photo-London. Her work has been likened to the surreal work of Toomer, Breton and Dali (Phaidon) and described as “surreal and delicate” (Huffington Post), an “exploration of the human mind” (Vogue) and as “existing in that space dreams and nightmares” (Las Ultimas Noticias).  “As the fabric of our material and virtual worlds continue to blur — is our own physicality fading into the ether like some of the subjects in Colbert’s double exposure images?”.


2018: 21st Century Women, curators Fru Tholstrup and Jane Neal.

2018: V&A Museum of Childhood

2018: Wandsworth Road, ArtNight London, Philip’s and Haywards Gallery

2017: The Body Issue, Now Gallery, Greenwich

2017: Emerging Artist, at Coutts Bank on the Strand

2017: Exhibition,The Arts Club, Dover street, London

2017: Baku, Azerbaijan, Gazelli Art House 

2017: Modern Penelope Collective, Palm Tree Gallery, Alteria Art

2017: Art Night with ArtNight London, Philip’s and Whitechapel Gallery

2017: From Selfie to Self-Expression, Saatchi Gallery

2017: Pop, Hong Kong 

2017: Made in Britain, Sotheby’s

2017: Toute Seule, Gazelli Art House, with Nancy Spero, Elizabeth Murray, Rachel Whiteread, Rebecca Allen

2017: House of Penelope, Gallery 46 with Becky Allen, Charlotte Colbert, Adeline de Monseignat, Camilla Emson, Nancy Fouts, Eloise Van Heyden, Alice Anderson, Miriam  Austin, Bea Bonafini, Ines de Bordas, Soojin Kang, Radhika Khimji, Romana Londi, Mariana Mauricio, Walter & Zoniel

2016: Made in Britain, Sotheby’s 

2016: Daydreaming with Stanely Kubrick, June- August 2016, Somerset House. Curated by James Lavelle and James Putnam. 

2015: Art Barter, Art Licks

2014: DOM, Gazelli Art House

2012: Art Barter at Subway Gallery

2010: Farsetti Arte, Milan



For Frieze Art Fair - In and Out Of Space was displayed on the façade of 90-94 Piccadilly and Cambridge House. The series was commissioned to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s death.


The Silent Man, a short film supported by Gazelli Art House and Quad Films staring Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena, Nymphomaniac), Simon Amstell  (Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Black Pond), Cillian Murphy (Sunshine, Inception) and Ben Miller (Jonny English).


2018: Benefit Supervisor Sleeping, Unit9

2016: Ordinary Madness, Gazelli Art House

2014/15: In and Out of Space, public Project , 90-94 Piccadilly, London UK

2014: Studies, Brun Fine Art

2013: A Day At Home, Gazelli Art House

2011: Stornoway, Wilmotte and Tristan Hoare Gallery, Lichfield Studios


2018: Photo London, Somerset House
2016: Photo London, Somerset House
2015: Photo London, Somerset House
2014: Art Basel Hong Kong
2014: Istanbul Art Fair


2018: FIBRA, Colombia.

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