Mother and Child

Mother and Child plays with the long tradition of the same name. Inspired by her own experience and Hollie McNish’s incensed poem Embarrassed, about breastfeeding her daughter in a public toilet because of the stigma of feeding in public, Colbert and actress and model Lily Cole decided to collaborate.

Colbert filmed her breastfeeding her first child and from it created a 3 meter moving image sculpture which has been shown in public spaces around London opening up the debate.

Nancy Spero

Elizabeth Murray

Rachel Whiteread

Rebecca Allen

Charlotte Colbert


Toute seule, a part two to the 2016 gallery exhibition This is Today, is a group show depicting artistic heroism transcending time. Capturing the last fifty years, from 1970s until 2010s, it is a nod towards solitude - graceful, thought-through, strategic and compassionate attitude of artists reflecting the time they were most active in. Despite the influence artists had on one another, and collective responses that were made to the surrounding world, this time we focus on the individuality of each selected artist and their corresponding decade that they represent.   

Mother and Child

 Photo - etching