Forgotten Sisters

Centre Regional D'Art

July 2018

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‘Forgotten Sisters’, 2018

Charlotte Colbert

Porcelain and cement

Charlotte Colbert’s porcelain brick wall set at a 90 degree angle from the institutions’ wall aims to force an alternative history into our mainstream. 

On the bricks are names of women who were pioneers in their fields and changed the world. Some are better known than others, and all have played a role in making the world as we know it today. Among them are blank bricks, nameless as well as gaps - those who we will never know. 

An ongoing project this piece was adapted to the space. Colbert says: “I was interested in using a very fragile material to create something strong.”. The names white on white, faint, require that the viewer come closer. “It requires a constant diligence and effort to try to re-integrate the alternative strands of our common story. To remember history is always just a story and needs re-written always”. 


The piece in its form subverts the male beacon of minimalism Carl Andre.