Wasted Self, Food Bigger than the Plate & Symposium,

V&A, 2019

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges facing us today. I was shocked to discover that 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten. Just 25% of that wasted food could solve world hunger. I was so passionate to be involved and create an artwork to support this great campaign, which is forging an amazing opportunity to push for improvements with the efficiency of food consumption and in doing so improve the sustainability of our planet.


When thinking of art historical food imagery,

I was drawn to the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and his vegtable head portraits, we are after all what we eat and in this case what we waste. So I liked the idea of creating a contemporary food portrait where the head rots and decays showing the darker side of food, a sort of Dorian Grey portrait, reflecting the true picture of our wasteful selves.