Jan 31 - Feb 26, 2019

Fibra Show

Exibiting alongside Bea Bonafini, Maisie Cousins, Dan Coopey, Alix Janta, Pablo de Lascaris, Adeline de Monseignat, Laurence Owen.

In February 2018 FiBRA residency invited eight London-based multidisciplinary artists to observe and participate in the textile-centred practices of the Kogi and Wayuu indigenous communities in Colombia, for whom the preservation of ancient skills in the working of natural fibres is considered to be a fundamental and indispensable element of their social structure.


For both the Kogi and the Wayuu, the geographical location of their revered land offered for centuries a niche for their traditions to prevail, but these sacred territories are no longer exempt from the realities of globalisation and complexity of today’s interrelated world.


During the FiBRA residency, we were witness to the impact on the ecosystem and society due to the increase of new visitors and tourists to La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta y La Guajira, inadequate management of natural resources and environmental pollution, introduction to new materials, dietary changes and forced displacement which irrevocably impacts directly the sustainable practice of the Wayuu and Kogi daily traditions and challenges the preservation of their core values.