Emerging Artist

Coutts Bank the Strand
Oct-Nov. 2017

Charlotte Colbert’s series of anthropomorphic, moving image, screen sculptures are an innovative mixed media format establishing a fresh and contemporary approach to portraiture.

“I was interested to capture the surreal intimacy of being with someone.The tiny details of silent communication”.

The works in this series reveal details of subjects over a period of time, capturing their essence in a very intimate way. Creating a representation of the intimacy of actually being with someone.Abstracting her subjects to render their characters both universal and very specific. Sharing their stories through barely perceptible bodily movements: a slight nod of the head, blinking of an eye or shrinking of a pupil.Their sculptural and surreal dimensions, which magnify details and place them in a new context, question the boundaries of humanity and shared experience.

Constructed from corten steel, the rusted framework display sleek modern LCD screens, the shapes of which individually reflect their content. Shot entirely in black and white, the footage displayed contrasts with this framework.
Giving the pieces the appearance that they were made today yet discovered in a hundred years time, thereby anchoring the stories in time and history and commenting on the fragility of identity and life.There is a feeling of melancholic decay of passing time palpable in the pieces, which engender a meditative experience in the viewer.The proximity of the viewer paired with the enlarged image instills this sense of uncanny familiarity.

A Family Portrait is a portrait of Charlotte’s family. Her husband, daughter and newborn son. It plays with the long tradition of portraiture, turning the characters of a bygone notion of family into robotic figures of a rusty, apocalyptic future. Characters trapped in screens.Their bodies rusted into immobility, passive cyborgs of a new world order.

Coutts Interview on The Family Portrait