Large scale projections

Art Night

Brunswick House

Wandsworth Road

July 2018

A video projected image of the people of Vauxhall one- way system.

Curated by Mia Pfeifer for Art Night, supported by Gazelli Art House. 

For Art Night, image and digital media artist Charlotte Colbert created a visual dialogue between the people, residents and workers of the Vauxhall one-way system. Filming details of the faces of one person per building she wove a silent snapshot of the community. People from all walks of life connected in their humanity brought together through the screen which every day alienates us from each other. The highly zoomed in details of people’s faces, weaved together, create a moment, a parenthesis in time where all the community shares a moment of intimacy and connectedness.

The piece commissioned by curator Mia Pfeifer for Fibra Platform is a dialogue between past and future, traditions and transversion, natural and artificial in response to questions about the emotional and political associations of the city.